Download Psion / EPOC Software

This page is dediated to a list of the download locations for my Psion / EPOC software. I would reccomend that you also read the page about the software you are downloading, but if you just want a quick download and away, this is the place for you!

Since I'm no longer developing this software, there is a link to enable you to download a little program to generate a registration code if required.

Also, the source is available for most applications if want to have a look. If you do download the sourcecode, you agree to the terms and conditions on the Using Sourcecode page.

Application Version Packaged Reg Code Gen Source
Othello 2 Download Code Gen Source
Tickle 2 Download Code Gen Source
1.11 Download Code Gen Source
1.11 Download Code Gen Source
Companion 1.6 Download Code Gen Source
O & X 1 Download n/a Source
Solitaire 1 Download n/a Source
DirPrint 4 Download n/a Source
Virus ? Download n/a Source

Here are a few other things that I've found while rummaging around in my old arhives. They may be useful, or not...

Some other random programs that I wrote : Download

Various OPL related libraries / documents that I found on the web once-upon-a-time. If I'm infringing on anyones copyright by making these available for download please let me know and I'll remove them : Download