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I wrote Tickle because I like making lists. If you have a list of things you need to do, then you can cross them off when you've done them, and that makes you think that you are getting somewhere! The fact you've just added another 10 things to you to-do list and only crossed one off doesn't really matter - it's just the fact that you've managed to cross one off!!!

So basically, Tickle is an elaborate to-do list. It allows you you to have up to 6 columns to place ticks in - for things like Started, Half Done and Finished, etc. When you place a tick next to an item, Tickle makes a note of the time and date so that you know when you ticked the task.

Tickle Version 2 now has some more advanced sorting options which allow you to sort by more than one column, and to reorder the list manually by shifting entries up and down. Also new is the Multi-Ticker, which allows you to tick or untick an entire column at once.

Screenshot (9Kb)

Visit the download page to get Tickle.