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Fred Psion / EPOC Sourcecode

Well, it's been about 5 years, since I looked at any of this code, and I figured that since I'm now into Linux, which is open source, and all free, I should really make my own applications free - I never made much money from registrations anyway!

So, if anyone is still actively developing for the Psion and wants to continue anything that I've started then feel free to download the code and start hacking it about. All I ask is that you don't "steal" my code and call it your own - if you change / improve it, then of course you can put your name against it, but please continue to credit me as the original author. Also, you have to keep it open-source and make the source code you've changed available to others, plus, no making a profit from my source code! What I'm trying to get to is something like GPL (from the Linux world) for my software.

If you do decide to look at it, please remember the following:

  • It's been 5 years since I looked at the code!
  • I just found it all on my PC and zipped it up before putting it on the website so it may or may not work / compile / be the same version as the compiled version available.
  • If you find yourself thinking "why the heck is this guy doing here???", you can try emailing me and asking, but I'll probably look at it and think the same thing - allthough I'll try to help if I can.
  • Everything I wrote on the Psion was completely self-taught with no official programmer training or standards or methodology - just whatever I could figure out at the time.
  • I can hardly remember what the Psion looks like when you turn it on, never mind how to program it - but I do still have it somewhere :-)

If you do decide to make any modifications to any of my apps, then let me know, and I'll make a link to your webpage from here, so that people can get the latest and "best" versions.

Good luck!

I'm ready, take me to the Download page!