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Noughts and Crosses

I originally wrote Noughts and Crosses (sometimes called Tic Tac Toe) on my graphical calculator when I was bored in a maths lesson or something. It was quite a strong player, and I wondered if I could make it even stronger by writing it on the Psion where I had a slightly better language to use.

Sucess! I think I have managed to write an unbeatable level... Well, maybe. I've never managed to beat it, and I've played 250 games against it, of which it has won 25 and the other 225 have been drawn. Why don't you try and see if you can beat it? Maybe I'll give you a mention here if you can beat it and tell me how you did it so that I can recreate it.

Screen Shot (9Kb)

If you want to be sure of winning, just play on the easy level - it's really thick, all you need to do is put three in a row and you've won usually. The medium level needs a bit of cunning, but not much, and the hard level is beatable, but you've got to think a little more.

Visit the download page to get Noughts and Crosses.