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Fred About

So, you want to know more about me? I'm in my mid-twenties and live in Wiltshire in England. I studied mathematics at The University of Nottingham for four years, and I'm now working for an energy trading company in their IT department writing and supporting trading and reporting systems using VB, ASP and SQL server.

I've always been interested in computers, and the first computer I used was a ZX-81. Since then, I've had various conputers including Spectrums, Apples, Ataris, and PC's. I've also been using handheld computers for some time, starting with the Psion LZ64, then a Psion Series 3, after that a Psion 5 and now I've got a Sharp Zaurus SL5500.

I spent quite a lot of time programming my Psion 5 and most of what I've written is now available to download from this site on the Software page. So far I've not ventured into programming the Zaurus, but I'd like to start at some point once I find time.

The other project that I have on the go at the minute is doing the website development on where you can advertise and search for holiday property in France.

On my computers at home I now run Linux most of the time which is find is a very stable and configurable OS. At the minute I'm running Gentoo Linux, which is distribution that you compile from source yourself. It's the best distro I've used so far, and I can't see myself moving away from it very soon.

At some point in the furture I'd quite like to build myself a PVR, maybe something based on MythTv but right now I don't really have the spare cash to buy the hardware I want for it :-(